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By way of California and Australia, singer/songwriter Nessa Rica joins the podcast this week on her recent trip to the east coast. Tune in as Matt and Nessa catch up, as they discuss finding your mission, and telling your story through music. 

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Guro Mike Pana is the CEO and Founder of Bayani Warrior, a nationally recognized Filipino Martial Arts organization. Mike has received many distinctions, most notably UNIPRO’s Top 30 Filipinos Under 30. Tune in as the Pana brothers share stories, from growing up in Thailand to making big moves in Texas.

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Nicole Ponseca is a Filipino food success story, a trailblazer in New York’s restaurant scene with hotspots like Jeepney and Maharlika. Tune in as Matt and Nicole dig in, as they discuss managing risk and redefining the model minority. 

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Los Angeles rapper Jason Chu joins the podcast this week, touring the east coast promoting his new album Millennial. Tune in as Jason and Matt bond over mutual travels in China, discussing affirmation, authenticity and turning art into passion.

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A real-life ironman, Arland Macasieb is the most decorated and awarded Filipino American athlete in the country today. Tune in as Matt and Arland set the record straight, as they discuss Filipino culture, their favorite authors, and much more!

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Singer/songwriter Napon Pintong joins the podcast this week in a special extended edition. As members of the band Mitchell Grey, Matt and Napon catch up over hot chocolate in New York City. Tune in as they swap stories, discussing faith, finding yourself and the brotherhood of being in a band.

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Musician and Jersey City enthusiast Joel Nemo is embarking on a new venture, giving back to his community with his latest project Next Door Lafayette. Tune in as Matt and Joel catch up in Hudson County, as they discuss production, service and common culture.

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Brooklyn resident Wazina Zondon is a performer and educator recently featured on HBO’s The Out List. She also acts as one half of the duo Coming Out Muslim, capturing stories of Islam and queerness. Tune in as Matt and Wazina discuss faith, culture, and sharing a common thread.

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Straight from the Garden State, Rigbi showcases a sound all their own. From the melodic to the ambient. Tune in as Matt sits down with vocalist Jon Irizarry at a diner in New Jersey, as they talk band dynamics, energy and longevity. 

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Singer/songwriter Adinah Lagud is no stranger to the stage. From Jacksonville to New York, you can catch her embarking on new chapter in her career. Tune in as Adinah and Matt hang out on a Sunday morning, discussing karaoke memories, playlist tips, and all things family.

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