August 2019
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The Bay’s own Adriel Luis got his start through poetry and music collective ILL-Literacy. Today, he works for The Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC as Curator of Digital and Emerging Media. Tune in as Matt and Adriel catch up in this special extended edition, as they discuss creative auras and activating your imagination. 

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Singer/songwriter David Paige’s career grew exponentially after competing on VH1′s Make a Band Famous, rubbing heads with Natasha Bedingfield and Tyson Ritter from All American Rejects. Tune in as Matt and David chat it up, as they discuss Chicago beginnings and honoring his father’s memory through music.

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Northeastern University alumn Micah is a songwriter in the thick of pitches and writing sessions in New York. Tune in as Matt and Micah chat in his bachelor pad, as they discuss the ins-and-outs of the music business, and their mutual love for Ryan Mitchell Grey.

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The most decorated guest on the podcast to date, beatboxer Sung Lee has won national competitions including Kollaboration Star LA and Amateur Night at The Apollo. Tune in as Matt and Sung chat it up in Koreatown, as they discuss the lost art of being original.

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Wesleyan University's favorite sons The Rooks join the podcast this week straight from Midtown Manhattan. You can catch the band performing throughout residencies in New York. Tune in as Garth, Spencer and Matt chat it up, as they discuss comic book comparisons, acapella beginnings, and making practice perfect.

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YouTuber and rapper DANakaDAN joins this podcast this week LIVE from Kollaboration New York! Dan rose to fame through his work on ISATV, working hand-in-hand with acts ranging from David Choi to Dumbfoundead. Tune in as Matt and Dan chat it up in St. Marks, as they discuss his acclaimed documentary akaDan, a film capturing his journey pursuing his roots as a Korean American adoptee.

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Singer and arranger Kevin Redrico is the brainchild of acapella crooners SANFRAN6, now on tour with NBC’s The Sing-Off (Season 5). Tune in as Matt and Kevin chat it up, as they cover Avengers references, Catholic roots, and finding your own musical recipe. 

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Comedian Becky Yamamoto began her career with classes at the legendary Groundlings, which eventually led to her self-produced web series “Uninspired.” Tune in as Matt and Becky have a conversation full of awkward humor and tangents, as they discuss bridezillas, Asian presidents, and the benefits of being an ethnic ninja.

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After attaining a degree in Biochemistry, Michael Kingston decided to take a different route and pursue his dream. Today, his HEADLOCKED comic series has gained much acclaim. From raising over $50,000 on Kickstarter, to having covers drawn by WWE Hall of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler. Tune in as Michael and Matt discuss DIY struggles, wrestling as an art form, and being drawn to storytelling at an early age.

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Joshua Strauther brings a certain swag and sophistication to the keytar, supporting Alex Boyé of America's Got Talent. Tune in as Matt and Josh chat in this special extended edition, as they discuss his new EP, their favorite bible passages, and their mutual love for The Head and The Heart.

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