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Adventure filmmakers Blue Kite Cinema join the podcast on this landmark 50th episode. Tune in as Matt, Nick and Colin chat in this special extended edition, just in time for the holidays, as they discuss band days and their mutual addiction to wanderlust.

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Eric Kern is a drummer who's backed YouTube names like AJ Rafael, Travis Graham and many more. Tune in as these drummers from another mother bang out a stellar conversation in Southern California, as they discuss tour stories and being the man behind the band.

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Rich and Christine Yodsukar are a multimedia couple based out of Los Angeles, with roots in both music and acting. Today, you can catch them filming various destination weddings around the world. And even mentoring a new generation of media mavens. Tune in as Matt and The Yodsukars warm up by Greenwich Village, as they discuss family and collaboration.

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A Georgia Peach in the Big Apple, Micah Jesse is a media personality and host as seen on CNN, Fox, VH1 and much more. Tune in as Matt and Micah hang out in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, as they discuss big moves, big families and the importance of "your network as your net worth."

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Photographer Shervin Lainez made the big leap from DC to Brooklyn, which led him to shoot the likes of Sara Bareilles, OKGO, and Death Cab for Cutie to name a few. Tune in as Shervin and Matt catch up the Village in this special extended edition, as they discuss personal challenges and developing your own style.

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Fashion guru and blogger Monica Lin joins the podcast this week over coffee in New York's Koreatown. Tune in as Matt and Monica bond over mutual travels and growing up in international school, as they discuss being fearless, creating connections, and building your own brand.

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NYU alumn Alfa Garcia is a traveling writer and singer/songwriter. Alfa and Matt go way back, as they both got their start in the New Jersey open mic scene. Tune as these two old friends catch up via Skype HD (the first-time in LIKEWISE history!), as they discuss breaking the mold, and finding a home on both coasts. 

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Dance director and choreographer MJ Choi joins the podcast this week as Matt passes through the Garment District of Manhattan. Tune in as the Kollaboration NY alumni discuss culture shock, facing your fears, and all things K-Pop! (S03E43)

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The first start-up on the podcast, Yooka is an app showcasing New York's top spots through personally curated lists. Matt sits down at a coffeeshop in the Flatiron district with co-founders Tom Noh and Jeff Oh. Tune in as they discuss faith, food and the early formation of a business. (S03E42)

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Season 3 is alive and well with the first LIVE podcast straight out of Atlanta. Tune in as Matt and Clara chat in front of live audience at The McDonald’s Education Workshop, as they talk influences, inspirations and the importance of finding yourself. (S03E41)

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Jay Legaspi has set the bar for a generation of musicians. Even helping make Matt the musician he is today. Tune in as these long-time friends catch up on this special 1-year anniversary of the podcast. As they discuss being fearless and timeless.

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Austin’s own Colleen Blackard is taking the New York art scene by storm, all with one ballpoint pen. Now residing in Brooklyn, tune in as Colleen and Matt discuss setting roots in new cities and finding home where you least expect it.

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By way of California and Australia, singer/songwriter Nessa Rica joins the podcast this week on her recent trip to the east coast. Tune in as Matt and Nessa catch up, as they discuss finding your mission, and telling your story through music. 

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Guro Mike Pana is the CEO and Founder of Bayani Warrior, a nationally recognized Filipino Martial Arts organization. Mike has received many distinctions, most notably UNIPRO’s Top 30 Filipinos Under 30. Tune in as the Pana brothers share stories, from growing up in Thailand to making big moves in Texas.

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Nicole Ponseca is a Filipino food success story, a trailblazer in New York’s restaurant scene with hotspots like Jeepney and Maharlika. Tune in as Matt and Nicole dig in, as they discuss managing risk and redefining the model minority. 

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Los Angeles rapper Jason Chu joins the podcast this week, touring the east coast promoting his new album Millennial. Tune in as Jason and Matt bond over mutual travels in China, discussing affirmation, authenticity and turning art into passion.

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A real-life ironman, Arland Macasieb is the most decorated and awarded Filipino American athlete in the country today. Tune in as Matt and Arland set the record straight, as they discuss Filipino culture, their favorite authors, and much more!

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Singer/songwriter Napon Pintong joins the podcast this week in a special extended edition. As members of the band Mitchell Grey, Matt and Napon catch up over hot chocolate in New York City. Tune in as they swap stories, discussing faith, finding yourself and the brotherhood of being in a band.

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Musician and Jersey City enthusiast Joel Nemo is embarking on a new venture, giving back to his community with his latest project Next Door Lafayette. Tune in as Matt and Joel catch up in Hudson County, as they discuss production, service and common culture.

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Brooklyn resident Wazina Zondon is a performer and educator recently featured on HBO’s The Out List. She also acts as one half of the duo Coming Out Muslim, capturing stories of Islam and queerness. Tune in as Matt and Wazina discuss faith, culture, and sharing a common thread.

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Straight from the Garden State, Rigbi showcases a sound all their own. From the melodic to the ambient. Tune in as Matt sits down with vocalist Jon Irizarry at a diner in New Jersey, as they talk band dynamics, energy and longevity. 

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Singer/songwriter Adinah Lagud is no stranger to the stage. From Jacksonville to New York, you can catch her embarking on new chapter in her career. Tune in as Adinah and Matt hang out on a Sunday morning, discussing karaoke memories, playlist tips, and all things family.

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Brooklyn native Jonathan Grado is the VP of Marketing for Grado Labs, one of MASHABLE’s Top 8 Social Small Businesses in America. Matt and Jonathan meet over tea in Greenwich Village, discussing family, community and living a legacy.

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Jules and Niko of The Filharmonic join the podcast this week. As seen on NBC’s The Sing-Off, the boys link up with Matt, breaking bread over White Castle sliders. Tune in as they discuss tour stories, fan fictions, and more!

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It is indeed a small world, as dancer and actress Julie Zhan joins the podcast this week. From her YouTube videos to her recent role on Pretty Little Liars, tune in as Julie and Matt discuss auditions, inspirations and surviving the quarter life crisis.

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Matt’s college roommate Chris Shragin joins the podcast on this landmark 25th episode. After studying in Tokyo together, Chris is now living his dream job working for Sega Networks Japan. Tune in as these old friends swap stories, covering culture shock, graduate life, and more.

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Los Angeles native Tom Ngo is the man behind some of YouTube’s hottest acts, from Far East Movement to Joseph Vincent. Tune in as Matt and Tom catch up over coffee, as they share a love of live music, travel experiences, and all things food.  

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Swizz Beatz, Dr. Dre, and Juelz Santana are three of the many household names Gnyus has produced. All by the age of 21 years young. Sit down for a laid-back chat with Matt and Gnyus, as they discuss starting up and standing out. 

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San Diego native Kat Badar has gained quite the following on YouTube with her wide variety of covers and collaborations. Tune in as Matt and Kat catch up backstage in Jacksonville. As they discuss nursing stories, pageant memories, and the importance of proper grammar.

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Singer-songwriter Ryan Mitchell Grey joins the podcast this week in a special extended edition. As members of the band Mitchell Grey, Matt and Ryan catch up after headlining a show in Jacksonville, Florida. Tune in as they discuss loves, vices, passions and more.

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Minnesota transplant and fellow Seton Hall grad Lis Murray has her finger on the pulse of New York’s art scene. Tune in as Matt and Lis catch up and wine down in Chelsea, discussing Twitter anxieties, Korean identities and much more!

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From Rock frontman to hands-on producer, Steve Carter has always found solace in the art of songwriting. Tune in as Matt and Steve mix it up at his studio in New Jersey, taking the essence of song from creation to collaboration.

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Performer and entrepreneur Vince Lacsamana joins the podcast this week. The Virgina native is setting up new roots in New York City, continuing to build a platform for himself and other independent artists. Tune in as Matt and Vince discuss past ventures, big families, and even bigger moves.

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Melissa Polinar is the epitome of a true singer/songwriter, having collaborated with some of the music industry’s most prominent talents. From finding her roots in Nashville to building a following on YouTube. Tune in as Matt and Melissa chat in Dallas, Texas. Swapping stories over a brunch, and giving a whole new meaning to Southern hospitality.

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Dallas native Karla Ceballos joins the podcast this week in a special unreleased edition. As the “original” first episode, tune in as Karla and Matt paint the picture and wine it up, discussing art, activism and more.

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Khalil Malamug is the proud owner of Razor Sharp Barbershop in New Jersey. Slowly beginning to see his business shape up. Listen as Matt and Khalil chop it up, bonding over immigrant parents, chasing your dreams and much more.

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From Contemporary to Hip Hop, dance has always been an outlet for Anthony Sachs. A veteran of Rhythmology and the unofficial host of the East Coast’s biggest dance events. Tune in as Matt and Anthony catch up and explore St. Marks Place. Drinking bubble tea, dishing out on dance crews, and more.

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Joan Michel is a young and accomplished photographer paving her way through the fashion world. Most notably with a recent cred in Vogue Italia. Tune in as Matt and Joan kick back at her home in Jersey City, giving a whole new meaning to shooting, and focus.

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Composer and sound designer Matt Campana joins the podcast this week in a special extended edition. Tune in as the former bandmates catch up over coffee at Drexel University. Discussing music business, higher learning, and the struggles of being a 20-something.

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Straight from Philadelphia, Ben Silverio writes for and a slew of other pop culture digs. Traveling the country covering comic-cons and film festivals. Tune in as Matt and Ben catch up and geek out over comic books, professional wrestling and Pop Punk.

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Scottish singer/songwriter Dave Hughes is this week’s guest, as he makes his rounds from Brooklyn down to the Jersey shore. Tune in as Matt and Dave discuss football stories, Manchester memories, and their mutual love for all things Asbury Park.

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From Aurora to Astoria, singer/songwriter Myles Stefan joins the podcast this week. As members of the band Mitchell Grey, Matt and Myles catch up backstage at Kollaboration NY. Get to know a little more about Myles: a Nebraskan, Bahai and all around swell guy.

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Timothy DeLaGhetto is one of the most popular personalities on YouTube. Well versed in the realms of both comedy and music. Nowadays, you can watch him on MTV2 as one of the newest cast members on Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘N Out. Matt and Tim podcast it up this week, sharing their love of Jack in the Box, stand-up comedy and more. 

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Wyland is one of the latest bands to grace the Garden State. Their hunger and drive is contagious, exhibiting a natural chemistry on and off stage. Matt sits down with the boys at their studio loft in New Jersey, as they share childhood memories, summer stories and much more.

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Minnesota native Lil Crazed has been in the rap game for over a decade. Building his following on YouTube the past few years, he’s traveled coast to coast taking over the world with his latest mixtape To Whom It May Concern. Tune as he chats with Matt about being a poet, performer, father and family man.

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Guitarist and videographer Joseph Diaz joins the podcast this week in a special extended edition. As members of the band Mitchell Grey, Matt and Joe catch up at their favorite pizza spot in New Jersey. Tune in as they discuss world travels, California adventures, band stories and more.

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The first lady on the podcast. Jeni Suk is a singer/songwriter and traveling musician. Slowly developing her new style. Jeni and Matt sit down for a late night chat in Toronto for the Youth Waves Festival. Hear some stories on how she got her start, her inspirations and what’s next to come.

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Andrew Rose is a videographer known for filming some of YouTube’s hottest acts. From tours with Tori Kelly to dance events like Hip Hop International, tune in as he shares his insight as the man behind the camera.

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This week, Matt chats with singer/songwriter AJ Rafael at his home in Riverside, California. Tune in as they discuss the current state of YouTube, the influence of being Asian American in music, and much more.

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Welcome to the first episode of Likewise. This week, Matt chats with San Jose singer/songwriter Tim Atlas, who will be releasing his solo EP this year.

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