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Performer and entrepreneur Vince Lacsamana joins the podcast this week. The Virgina native is setting up new roots in New York City, continuing to build a platform for himself and other independent artists. Tune in as Matt and Vince discuss past ventures, big families, and even bigger moves.

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Melissa Polinar is the epitome of a true singer/songwriter, having collaborated with some of the music industry’s most prominent talents. From finding her roots in Nashville to building a following on YouTube. Tune in as Matt and Melissa chat in Dallas, Texas. Swapping stories over a brunch, and giving a whole new meaning to Southern hospitality.

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Dallas native Karla Ceballos joins the podcast this week in a special unreleased edition. As the “original” first episode, tune in as Karla and Matt paint the picture and wine it up, discussing art, activism and more.

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Khalil Malamug is the proud owner of Razor Sharp Barbershop in New Jersey. Slowly beginning to see his business shape up. Listen as Matt and Khalil chop it up, bonding over immigrant parents, chasing your dreams and much more.

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From Contemporary to Hip Hop, dance has always been an outlet for Anthony Sachs. A veteran of Rhythmology and the unofficial host of the East Coast’s biggest dance events. Tune in as Matt and Anthony catch up and explore St. Marks Place. Drinking bubble tea, dishing out on dance crews, and more.

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Joan Michel is a young and accomplished photographer paving her way through the fashion world. Most notably with a recent cred in Vogue Italia. Tune in as Matt and Joan kick back at her home in Jersey City, giving a whole new meaning to shooting, and focus.

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Composer and sound designer Matt Campana joins the podcast this week in a special extended edition. Tune in as the former bandmates catch up over coffee at Drexel University. Discussing music business, higher learning, and the struggles of being a 20-something.

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Straight from Philadelphia, Ben Silverio writes for and a slew of other pop culture digs. Traveling the country covering comic-cons and film festivals. Tune in as Matt and Ben catch up and geek out over comic books, professional wrestling and Pop Punk.

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Scottish singer/songwriter Dave Hughes is this week’s guest, as he makes his rounds from Brooklyn down to the Jersey shore. Tune in as Matt and Dave discuss football stories, Manchester memories, and their mutual love for all things Asbury Park.

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From Aurora to Astoria, singer/songwriter Myles Stefan joins the podcast this week. As members of the band Mitchell Grey, Matt and Myles catch up backstage at Kollaboration NY. Get to know a little more about Myles: a Nebraskan, Bahai and all around swell guy.

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