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Adventure filmmakers Blue Kite Cinema join the podcast on this landmark 50th episode. Tune in as Matt, Nick and Colin chat in this special extended edition, just in time for the holidays, as they discuss band days and their mutual addiction to wanderlust.

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Eric Kern is a drummer who's backed YouTube names like AJ Rafael, Travis Graham and many more. Tune in as these drummers from another mother bang out a stellar conversation in Southern California, as they discuss tour stories and being the man behind the band.

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Rich and Christine Yodsukar are a multimedia couple based out of Los Angeles, with roots in both music and acting. Today, you can catch them filming various destination weddings around the world. And even mentoring a new generation of media mavens. Tune in as Matt and The Yodsukars warm up by Greenwich Village, as they discuss family and collaboration.

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A Georgia Peach in the Big Apple, Micah Jesse is a media personality and host as seen on CNN, Fox, VH1 and much more. Tune in as Matt and Micah hang out in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, as they discuss big moves, big families and the importance of "your network as your net worth."

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Photographer Shervin Lainez made the big leap from DC to Brooklyn, which led him to shoot the likes of Sara Bareilles, OKGO, and Death Cab for Cutie to name a few. Tune in as Shervin and Matt catch up the Village in this special extended edition, as they discuss personal challenges and developing your own style.

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Fashion guru and blogger Monica Lin joins the podcast this week over coffee in New York's Koreatown. Tune in as Matt and Monica bond over mutual travels and growing up in international school, as they discuss being fearless, creating connections, and building your own brand.

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NYU alumn Alfa Garcia is a traveling writer and singer/songwriter. Alfa and Matt go way back, as they both got their start in the New Jersey open mic scene. Tune as these two old friends catch up via Skype HD (the first-time in LIKEWISE history!), as they discuss breaking the mold, and finding a home on both coasts. 

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Dance director and choreographer MJ Choi joins the podcast this week as Matt passes through the Garment District of Manhattan. Tune in as the Kollaboration NY alumni discuss culture shock, facing your fears, and all things K-Pop! (S03E43)

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The first start-up on the podcast, Yooka is an app showcasing New York's top spots through personally curated lists. Matt sits down at a coffeeshop in the Flatiron district with co-founders Tom Noh and Jeff Oh. Tune in as they discuss faith, food and the early formation of a business. (S03E42)

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Season 3 is alive and well with the first LIVE podcast straight out of Atlanta. Tune in as Matt and Clara chat in front of live audience at The McDonald’s Education Workshop, as they talk influences, inspirations and the importance of finding yourself. (S03E41)

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